The mad rantings of a middleaged duck with wanderlust and too much pond muck stuck to her flippers.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ducky Daydreams

I think in my next life I wouldn't mind returning as a duck. They swim all day, have a protein and greenfood rich diet. They can winter in Florida and summer in Canada. I could deal with that. I've earned it. Get me a nice little old couple on South Beach with a little inland water feature to ohh and ahhh, say how beautiful I am, throw food at me and not expect me to do a damn thing for it except to quack. I might not even go to Canada if they are good enough to me. Be one of those "wild pets". Sounds sweet to me.

So what do you want to return as?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Welcome to the nest

Once upon a time there was a beautiful duckling named Romey. Being an uncertain little chicky she mated very young and soon found herself tied to the nest with little quackers of her own. Time flys by and our feathered heroine finds herself with grown offspring and an itch to spread her own wings. On her quest for self discovery and aforementioned wanderlust (that is what we ducks do after all, migrate) here forth will be set her webfooted prints in new sand.

Stay tuned for the adventures of Romey Duck!

I need a theme song. I'm fond of the strains of Super Chicken. Wonder how it would sound with quacks instead....